YES, we provide absolutely free membership without deposit money. Everyone get member who are above 18 years old (student 12 years). Just buy and choice membership category: Regular, Gold or Diamond.
EZE Shopping ensuring each product commission system from since 2006 and continue with market cheap price.
After maturity one month then may receive money in CASH (Min Tk250- Tk25,000) or purchase any product as choice.
Yes, we provide original world brand products and have goodwill for long experienced also trusted.
Yes, product may replace with money slip, no more penalty but Bridal product NOT replaceable for fresh sense on wedding ceremony.
All kinds of Bridal products with Local and Foreign brand are available in single ground. Competitive cheap and fixed price. No need to customer move store to store.
Yes, we provide world class POS system and online services. More details in official address www.ezebd.com or www.facebook.com/ezefashion.

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